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The Importance of Hygiene

FCoV Testing

Owners can test their cats for FCoV shedding in faeces at Glasgow University Vet Diagnostic services. The result is neither prognostic or diagnostic of FIP. The results explain how much FCoV is being shed, if any.

By testing blood for FCoV antibodies the same applies in that it is neither diagnostic or prognostic of FIP but the test will confirm if the cat has ben infected with FCoV and if it is a recent infection.

Glasgow University Vet Diagnostic Services FCoV testing on page 5 here: and order form on page 2 here:

Extra Information

The FIP Cats UK owner group continue to gather information from owners worldwide about their experiences with legal antivirals. 

Vaccines and Neutering:

The FIP Cats UK owner group are also gathering owner feedback about vaccinating FIP cats and neutering etc. 

This is not directly being gathered to assess FIP relapse risk. Instead, the information gathering is to collect information on individual cat responses in terms of how their immune system reacts/overreacts.

To date we are aware of a UK cat spayed and vaccinated successfully using only Purevax killed/weakened vaccines (as is the current official recommendation from the UK Vet FIP Advice team.)

We also know of 2 non-UK cats who reacted badly to vaccines and needed to be put on high dose anti-inflammatories to support their recovery. 

The current November 2022 Australian advice is this from FIP Cats Australia via their Facebook:


So long as the cat or kitten is on EFFECTIVE antiviral therapy, both should be fine.


Vaccinations will not work if the cat or kitten is SICK with FIP , but it will work as long as they are eating.

Best to use live virus vaccines – MSD, Virbac. Not the killed Boehringer.


It is best to wait until after treatment, at the very least, wait until later stages of antiviral treatment.”

We currently have results of one cured Neurological FIP cat now 1 year post FIP diagnosis (January 2023) for vaccine titres which show that all of the kitten vaccine antibodies have been reduced to a non-protective level. We question if the antivirals or the FIP disease process itself has caused this. 

We are currently waiting on vaccine titre results for other UK FIP cured cats.

Research about Vaccines

An interesting paper for those researching vaccines for immunocompromised FIP cats.

“For certain diseases, particularly FPV, antibody titres correlate with protection. For FCV and FHV, a similar correlation is absent, or less clear. In this review, the ABCD presents current knowledge and expert opinion on the use of antibody testing in different situations.

This paper was part of the special issue of Viruses “Feline viruses and viral diseases 2.0”: