Disclaimer: Legal versus illegal FIP treatment in the UK

UK FIP treatment

For more than a year Bova UK has been able to save cats from FIP in the UK by providing Vets with legal drugs of known active ingredient ie content and guaranteed dosage.

3 or 4 doses, when FIP suspicion is high enough, of legal UK Vet treatment should provide the answer to whether it is FIP or not by the positive response (or lack of) to Bova UK’s antiviral Remdesivir (liquid form for IV or injection) or Bova UK’s GS-441524 (pill form.) Both only available to your Vet from Bova UK.

Blackmarket drugs are not of known active ingredient ie content or dosage.

Blackmarket FIP treatment is rife in the UK via Facebook where owners are offered cheaper deals based on Vet costs being too expensive and insurance cover running out. Blackmarket illegal drug sales and promotions are masked as ‘support’ treatments and are imported illegally, disguised as supplements and skincare products to name a few. 

If these drugs were legitimate and safe, there would be no need to disguise them to pass through UK Customs.

Would you inject yourself or a family member with black market medication for human illness and disease? Why would you do that to your cat when there is a very safe and regulated option?